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What is Teachers TV Australia?



Teachers TV Australia (www.teacherstv.com.au) is a library of videos and resources of excellent teachers and school leaders in action providing teachers, school leaders, pre-service teachers and teacher educators with professional learning resources that are engaging, relevant and convenient to use.

Stories are focussed on classroom and school observation to illustrate how different teachers and school leaders deal with challenges, ideas, problems, innovation and systems.

Based on the successful UK resource the Australian site launched in 2008 and is currently upgrading its software platform and video library.



Who is behind Teachers TV Australia?



Teachers TV Australia is an initiative brought to Australia by Helen and Peter Sjoquist AM, the driving force behind the tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention youth event Rock Eisteddfod Challenge and the education programme for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, the Croc Festival.

The initial library and software platform was created by the 2008 International Webby Award winning team.

In 2014 Teachers TV Foundation Limited was formed to raise funds to produce additional videos for the video library and upgrade the library's software platform.



What does the Teachers TV Australia website offer?



The first phase of teacherstv.com.au published videos of Australian produced videos along with video material from the UK to illustrate how a full Australian service would work.

A selection of UK content was reviewed during a 3 month period by our production team and a Teachers Review Panel consisting of teachers from around the country. The aim was to ensure we selected the most relevant content for the first phase. Much of the UK content includes excellent programs about schooling and teaching in many countries and cultures.

Users will need to create a login by registering on the library. It is free and only takes minutes.



How can I get more involved with Teachers TV Australia?


Australian teachers, school staff, educationalists and principals will be able get the most out of Teachers TV Australia by becoming a Contributor. Once logged in, you may suggest story ideas that could be made by the Teachers TV crew in the future.


How can I support Teachers' TV Australia?



Simply by telling all your friends and colleagues about the potential and existing resources on Teachers' TV Australia, you can support our vision. You can Share videos from the library with others, and more.

If you are a school, University, institute or RTO, teachers organisation, education department, foundation, Government or independent organisation wishing to partner or support us in anyway, please drop us a line at info@teacherstv.com.au

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