I can't see or view the videos

I can't see or view the videos
To view or play videos on our site you need a connection to the internet and an internet browser. You should see our in-browser video player on the left side of the page when you first arrive at the site. If you cannot see it, please check your browser. Our site is best experienced with Explorer 5 or above. Your computer doesn't have to be new but it should have reasonable processing power. If you're still talking 486s, your machine is too old. Any computer which is a couple of years old and has a Pentium 2 or better processor, will be fine. Macintosh users with PowerPC or Intel machines that are a couple of years old should not experience any problems. Users with Safari and Opera may experience some bugs and we recommend Firefox if using a Macintosh. Users of computers which are up to 2 years old with a good broadband connection should experience few problems.

We are working on fixing browser-specific issues and hope to have them resolved shortly. Unfortunately dial-up connections are not sufficient for enjoying Teachers TV Australia. The upload and download speeds associated with dial-up modems are generally not sufficient to support moving large, high quality, full length video files with any technology.

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