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Teachers TV is a website which has hundreds of videos about education, teaching and inspiring methods of sharing knowledge – and room for you to share your own videos, photos, story ideas or let us know about the best teachers in your school.


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Along the left hand side is a list of categories of school types - by clicking on each section, you browse the videos about that category. Many videos are UK based content, however, very shortly there will be more Australian content, sharing the way in which Australians teach. The categories which Teachers TV covers include:

Early Childhood




Whole School



We're aware of some of the cultural differences in the UK and Australia - so we've included a glossary of terms and a UK schooling system outline. Feel free to contact us with suggestions of terms we haven't included.

In the Contributors Area , (a link is in white in the top right corner), users can enter a personalised section of the site, where school story ideas can be submitted for videos, at School Photos can be shared, or uploading a school video.

Other features:

  • You can recommend TeachersTV to your friends, or forward individual videos to friends when you’re watching them, by clicking on the 'share' icon, and entering their email address.
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    How do I access Teachers TV on Digital TV?

    Teachers TV is now on Digital Television on Channel 44. To find out how to connect to Digital TV, read our How-To guide , or log in to see our Video Demonstration .

    Also, see our Teachers TV Digital TV Guide.

    Digital TV Connection Demonstration Video:

    Digital TV Guide

    See the Teachers TV demonstration video for connecting to Digital Television.

    Don't forget to log in to Teachers TV to view this video.



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